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Cancellation at the customer's request

The cancellation at the request of the subscriber is an operation that is to terminate his/her subscription agreement; after he/she has made the request to our center managers.


To determine the count of the subscriber, he/her must come with:

  • A copy of his contract
  • The receipt that was issued at the payment of the said subscription, or declaration of loss
  • his last paid invoice
  • Identification (ID card, passport or driving license)


Management rule

The count of termination


It is to calculate the consumption of the subscriber having transmitted the termination request.


During the calculation it will be kept account of the following elements:

  • The consumed volume (index at removal - the last charged index) , or an estimated volume content if the meter is faulty
  • The diameter of the meter in question
  • The price rate applied by bracket
  • The franchise(frankness) from which benefits the subscriber if this one is a matriculé agent of the SEEG.


The result of the discount is the issue of an isolated invoice, the amount of which will be deducted from the advance on consumption.


Two cases may arise:

  • The result of the count is less than the advance on consumption, in which case we will refund the difference to the subscriber
  • The result of the count is greater than the advance on consumption, in which case we will ask the subscriber to immediately pay the difference.


Note: The policy number of the terminated subscription should never be assigned to another subscriber.