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Customer billing

The water billing is to edit from actual consumption identified on the field, a non- flawed bill that is presented to the subscriber for payment.


Billing is bimonthly.


Much of this billing operation is done at the Agency or the DC (business management service centers) by the biller.



The meter reading

Succession index is performed every two months, one by one following the marching orders. It begins on the third of every even month. The reading of the index is used to determine the consumption of the subscriber and calculate their bill.


After analysis by the center, the cases of excessive consumption are reported to the client on the basis of a letter of information or advice.


The customer’s information provided by the SEG, allows him to begin the necessary checks on its internal network for leaks, and remedy to it as soon as possible.



Distribution of invoices

After editing and billing control, centers of SEG start distributing invoices or customer consumption advisories.


The deadline for payment by the customer is shown on the invoice it gives the customer sufficient time to adjust their bill.


If the customer does not receive the invoice and finds a significant delay from the usual dates of receipt, they can contact the center of the SEG and learn about the causes particularly in order to avoid any interruption of drinking water for reasons of non-payment of consumption in time.