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16 Jan

The water pipes soon replaced

In order to provide drinking water to the population, the SEG (Guinea Water Company) sent new pipes to replace the PRV 1100 water line from Sangoyah to Entag. On December 28, the arrival of these pipes at their destination was effective. These are ductile iron pipes with a pressure of 25 bars or 250 meters of water control. A total of 419 pipes will be placed over a distance of 3.5 kilometers. The project was signed on July 26, 2016 between the Guinean government and a Japanese company and the realization entrusted to the French company SOGEA SATOM for a cost of approximately 13 million US dollars. The project was funded by the JICA (Japan Development Agency) in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Guinea. Work will begin in January and finish in July 2017. The replacement of this pipe will be a relief for the populations of Conakry especially those who live on the heights.



According to Laye Mamady Chérif, Deputy Director General for Infrastructure and Development of SEG, the current conduct has broken out at least 18 times in three years. This had caused significant material damage and even a loss of human life. The supply of water had dropped considerably. "We lowered the pressure in this pipe from 14 bars to 4 bars. This meant that the reservoirs in height like that of Simbayah did not receive a drop of water. Because there was no pressure in the pipe to bring. So the neighborhoods that are dependent on these reservoirs have no water. Subscribers stayed for more than two years without receiving water. To compensate for this, the government has asked the Japanese government to replace this conduct. Then this request was accepted. Today is a reality for the 3, 5 km. This is an opportunity for us to salute the efforts of the government. This is a palpable evidence of advocacy that the Head of State, Professor Alpha Condé makes to our bilateral and multilateral partners around the world."


The right-of-way for the pipes to be installed is occupied by garages and other vendors. The authorities requested that the premises be cleared so that the work would proceed normally. "We can not co-operate with local residents. We need people to work on the construction site in the interest of everyone, to do a job in time and on time, "said Amara Diabaté project manager SOGEA SATOM.