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16 Jan

SEG workers best wishes to the management

The workers of the SEG (Society of Water of Guinea) best wishes to the general management during a ceremony that they organized this Saturday January 7, 2016 at the headquarters in Almamya commune of Kaloum. Strongly mobilized, the workers were both proud and joyful of the work accomplished during the year 2016, although there are still efforts to provide drinking water to the population.



Hadja Aminata Soumaré, general Secretary of the SEG union, expressed his best wishes and hoped that the work begun by the SEG to improve the water supply would be carried out. "We implore the good Lord for this success. We express our satisfaction and congratulate the Directorate-General, through quality, safety and environment, for its concern to ensure the hygiene and safety of the working and working environment with the training of employees in this direction and the In spite of the difficulties of a security card and the maintenance of the social benefits which are among others: the training of the employees inside and outside, the bonuses of (Lent, tabaski and schooling) which have Been paid on time; The sending of 5 collaborators to Mecca and 2 others for the Christian pilgrimage to Rome and then all the other Christians to Boffa; The payment of the 13th month on time ". She added other acquisitions such as the creation of a syndicate called SYNATSEG which sensitizes employees on the management policy of the general management as well as the treatment of social cases. The Secretary General of SYNATSEG thanked the SEG workers for maintaining a climate of peace and for the efforts made in 2016 despite the difficulties related to water supply. And asked to redouble its efforts for 2017. Hadja Aminata thanked the Director General for the improvement of assistance to workers. She pledged to respect the protocol agreement signed in 2013, linked to the high cost of living set at 250 000 fg, to review how to cut pharmaceutical costs to alleviate the difficulties of workers. "We thank the general management for its constant concern for the improvement of the living conditions of the workers and the accomplishment of our mission, to provide drinking water to the Guinean population".


Mamadou Djouldé Diallo, general manager of SEG, welcomed the mobilization and determination of the workers to offer the best of themselves for the success of the company's action plans. He paid tribute to the 15 workers who died in the year 2016. "Dear colleagues, we have just completed a meaningful year in which much has been done at all levels, professionally, in terms of relations Human resources and the mobilization of resources to enable us to carry out our various action plans. This is an opportunity for me and on your behalf to thank Professor Alpha Condé President of the Republic whose constant support has enabled us to have all these performances at the level of the SEG. The General Manager of the SEG promised that 2017 will face other challenges. He cites among other things the replacement of the 3.5 km Sangoyah Entag water pipe. He assured that the work will start during this month of January. "I would like to involve all the workers of the water company of Guinea for a good maintenance of the equipment while this work is going to be carried out. These works in some places can cause small disturbances despite the very good arrangements made to contain water crises. We have started up all the tank trucks that the government and the Japanese people have offered us thanks to the Head of State's plea, all the drilling sites are working thanks to the efforts of our technical teams of the construction and Maintenance of management. But in spite of all these arrangements it could be that it has black tasks here and there. In the meantime we are asking the SEG workers to make water users aware of the time the works will take. Once that stub of stretch is going to be full of dysfunction will end ".


Mamadou Djouldé Diallo insisted on that workers area agents, field agents, managers at all levels to raise awareness of customers. He said that in terms of investment through the personal involvement of the Head of State, most of the projects of the company for which they have made requests have been accepted and will start in 2017. " Yesterday we received the no-objection notice from the Moroccan government for the replacement of the other end of stretch. This work will start before the end of February. The water supply project of the 5 prefectures Lola, Yomou, Lélouma Tougué and Gaoual will finally start during the year 2017. This means that this year 2017, many actions initiated will be concretized. It is up to each of us to play its full part. " The CEO announced that SEG has supplied a 250 KVA generator to Faranah Prefecture. "I remind you that outside of Conakry we manage 25 cities for which to send fuel, chemicals and also properly treat the employees who are in these centers. Someone else will not come here to improve the management indicators. The SEG unions are unions of participation ". To join the act to the floor the DG of SEG invited the Secretary General to his office to examine all the problems listed. " The ball is in your camp. We have the heart to give. We have no problem. What the union wants is what workers want, that's what management will do. We will play our role fully, you will play your part. We have improved all indicators of SEG management, the billing ratio has been increased, the recovery rate has been improved, the volumes produced, the volumes distributed the fraud rate has all declined. All this is thanks to your work. I thank you very sincerely. I would on behalf of my own family on behalf of my fellow directors address to all of the company's workers to your respective families my best wishes for prosperity health for this year 2017 ".