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23 Dec

Collation for new SEG retirees

They are a total of 14 pensioners who have benefited from 6 months of accompanying bonus, a way to congratulate them for their services to the Guinean nation. The General Director of the SEG salutes the loyal service performed by these men, and stresses that, their pensions does not mean separation.


"You have been up to it, you have correctly assigned the tasks entrusted to you. You have perfectly unfolded your knowledge for the good of the population. Your mission was to give pure water to the people, and you completed it with care and precaution."


Tears in their eyes, these men are full of experiences and have, for the most part, done several decades of service, such as the spokesperson for retirees who has done 39 years of service. They trained and shaped several executives such as the current managing director Mamadou Diouldé DIALLO. They pass this torch to the new generation with the hope that their fight will continue.


"We are happy to pass the torch to those who remain. While assuring them of our support, we wishing them full success in their mission to give clean and drinkable water to the population at a lower cost," said El Mamadou DIOP Of the participants.

Now every year, people will be recruited, and others will be sent to retirement.