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Water for all


Building Project of the supply system of drinking water to the city of Conakry (4th Water Project)

In 2010, the population of the city of Conakry is estimated at 3,603,914 inhabitants and its need for drinking water production is of the order of 263 000m3 / day.


The existing production capacity is 164 500m3 / d, there emerges a deficit of 98 500 000m3/j, resulting in a need for increased production capacity, transportation, storage and distribution as well as an important program individual connections of social type to ensure continuous service supply of drinking water. In the year 2026, this population will reach 5,783,224224 inhabitants, calculated on the basis of an average annual growth rate of 3%. At this horizon, the needs of drinking water production will be 524 000m3 / d.


To cover these needs, it is appropriate to proceed to building productive capacities, transport, treatment, storage and distribution up to 340 000m3 / dd in the fourth Water Project Conakry, taking into account the existing production capacity and expected production after the completion of ongoing projects (12 Kakoulima drilling and strengthening of water supply in Conakry on acquired financing from the IDB).


Consistency of Work under the 4th Project Conakry

The 4th Water Project of Conakry once realized, will allow one hand to permanently reduce the persistent water deficit since 2001 and secondly to ensure the continued service of drinking water to Conakry populations over a period of 15 years.