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Customer subscription

The new subscription process is defined as a tap on the drinking water system taken with counter pose, which is provided simultaneously from one application.


To subscribe (or re-subscribe) to drinking water, the customer is asked to provide a subscription record.


This case requires, at least the following:

  • Completed and signed subscription request [SEG printed form]/li>
  • Photocopy of the national identity card OR valid passport OR driver's license OR residence permit


For new subscriptions, an Authorization to connect issued by the competent authoritiesauthorities (district chief or other) will be mandatory in addition, as appropriate, to the following documents:

  • Subscription to already built housing
    • For a customer who is a tenant, a counter pose authorization signed by the owner or his authorized representative and certified by the competent administrative authority is required.
  • Subscription for housing to be built
    • Photocopy of the provisional authorization
  • Provisional subscription (This is a subscription only granted to entrepreneurs for the needs of a project)
    • Photocopy of the building permit
  • Subscription as part of a social connection or with payment facilities
    • For cases concerning a new subscription to be made, the customer can benefit from credit facilities under certain conditions [inquire about the SEG agencies]


In addition, according to the case, the client signs and legalizes an engagement file on the repayment schedule.


If the customer is the tenant, the file must have the consent and legalized signature of the owner.